Friday, November 7, 2008

Hitting your Target Market


How well do you know your target market? If you are marketing your product or service to a particular customer - are you hitting that market?

Example: if you operate a guitar shop, I would assume you would want to target people who can afford to buy guitars. Most of them would be working during the day. Yet how often do you find that a guitar store opens at 10am and closes at 6pm. Think about that for a minute: the target market are people at work from 8-5 (and probably later). Consider Bob - played guitar in college, has a good job, driving home from a hard day one evening at 7pm - sees the local guitar shop: guess what - closed!

If you don't arrange your product/service/company to hit your target customers, how will you be able to stay in business?

Better to open the guitar store at 2pm (ready for the high school kids) and close at 10pm (hey, catch the musicians going off to their next gig).

Banker hours (or defining your hours to your customers) won't hold any longer - there are too many alternatives.

Don't miss your target market - it is hard enough to come by a new customer as it is!

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