Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas time of year


It is the Christmas season, and this is the time to be extra vigilant you do not fall into one of two traps for entrepreneurs:

1. Business is great: holiday shopping or end-of-year orders, either way, you are busy as can be. That means your regular customers and customer service might slip...if you are spending most of your time filling orders, who is paying attention to whether all these customers (new or existing) are getting the right level of service? This is a great time to impress them! Get a college student or temp to help fill orders - you watch the service and maybe deliver some product to a customer directly.

2. Business is lousy: whether because of the economy, or because your product or service is not in demand during the holidays. This means you might decide to enjoy the slow time with family, or check the internet - or read blogs! :) Even if this is off-season for your business, it is a great time to get organized. Clear out some clutter, or update some marketing to better position yourself as we go into the new year. And if it is slow, and you are scrambling, it is going to be harder to get into accounts, since they will be readying for the holidays as well.

Season's Greetings to you. Keep at it!

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