Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Getting Your Work Done

In the book, The Five Disfunctions of a Team, p148, the conversation turns on a VP who is always helping out however he can to the group, but in the process is not getting his responsibilities done.

The result is the president of the company saying, "I want all of you challenging each other about what you are doing, how you are spending your time and whether you are making enough progress."

As an entrepreneur, I know you have a bias for action: "get it done!" is your mantra. But it is important to be sure you are doing what you need to do, not what needs to be done.

This can be hard for someone who comes up from the ranks; a baker often finds it easier to bake than to manage the bakery.

Still, start your week or day or even hour(!) by asking yourself what is the most important thing to do, not the most urgent. Be sure your employees also recognize the difference. This will make you more productive and also allow you to release some of those duties you dread, but feel you have to do (or no one else will).

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