Monday, August 16, 2010

Judging Business Incubators

If you are considering using a business incubator for your startup - how do you know they are any good?

Are they benign, but unhelpful? Are they going to push your business in directions you don't want to go? What experience do they have to bring to the table?

There is a good posting on Finding A Quality Business Incubator which I would recommend to you. It covers a number of areas to review.

Also, is the incubator a member of NBIA (National Business Incubator Association)?

Just like when you are hiring a contractor for your house remodeling - the best way to know if they are any good is to ask previous clients. For incubators, the same holds. Get a list of clients. But since those lists tend to be cherry-picked for good referrals - be sure to do some searching on Google, or ask those clients what other businesses were in the incubator when they were resident - then go ask those.

Incubators can be a fantastic way to help your business get off the ground, but as always, a bit of considered evaluation can put you in the right incubator for your business.

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