Monday, January 3, 2011

Marketing after the sale

My wife and I had the opportunity to purchase a car over the holidays. Once you have bought a car, you always have the stuff that fills the old car interior you have to move over to the new car.

If you've ever done this, you know there can be quite a bit of stuff to move. And the dealerships never seem to have any boxes around to fill.

Simple marketing opportunity: boxes printed with the dealership name. Have a stack of them in an empty office, and whenever someone comes in and buys a car, you fold them together, and help the new customer. Make the boxes white, with a cover. Or buy a stack of plastic bins like are sold for Christmas decorations. Make up labels and stick them on the side. Anything to get the dealership name out there, and make the new customer feel they were well cared for.

You could even have a local restaurant include a coupon for a meal up to $25 in the box. If people are like me, they have a pit in their stomach every time they have to sign all that paperwork - at least a nice meal will help me leave a bit less queasy.

The dealership loves you until you buy the car, then the relationship really begins. Why not keep the warmth for a bit longer.

Marketing continues even after the sale.

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