Thursday, August 18, 2011

When the Audience responds

At the beginning of each Entrepreneur Breakfast, I ask any new attendees to stand up and give their name, company and what it does. This morning because our speaker had to leave early, I skipped that part of our introductions. As the breakfast came to a conclusion, I still had not asked new attendees to introduce themselves.

One of our regulars asked, "aren't we going to have new attendees introduce themselves?"

Great question, and something I should have done. I was more heartened that he asked it. When your customers understand what you are doing so well - that they respond this is how it should be done - you've done a good job in creating a community.

Consider when someone takes their friend to a favorite restaurant. The regular will carefully explain how the restaurant does what it does well, tasty dishes, service. The regular brings the new person into the community of that restaurant. As the restaurant owner, you cannot buy better marketing than this.

When the audience responds, you know you are reaching them!

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