Friday, February 20, 2009

alla garibaldina


The italian phrase alla garibaldina refers to 'an enterprise begun with carefree audacity, little preparation and a lot of risks' Paul Hofmann

Is your startup alla garibaldina?

While Garabaldi succeeded in bringing Italy together into a country, your enterprise is more likely to fail. We love the myth of the entrepreneur - striking out on his or her own and making it big. And I certainly don't want to downplay the importance of passion for what you want. When you investigate our mythic entrepreneur, we often find that they did have preparation in their previous experiences - skills gained or learned - that carried them through. What seems to be effortless, is instead the result of endless work.

Every entrepreneur who comes through my door tells me of his passion for whatever idea he has. Yet almost none return for a second visit. This could well be a critique of my advice - and maybe they go off and do succeed. But we could use less myth and more realism.

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