Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Startup in Thirteen Sentences" and "Three things you need if you want more customers"


Two great short articles this week - both with simple and straightforward messages for those wanting to start a business.

Seth Godin's Three things you need if you want more customers - here I will give them to you -

1. A group of possible customers you can identify and reach.
2. A group with a problem they want to solve using your solution.
3. A group with the desire and ability to spend money to solve that problem.

and Paul Graham's Startups in 13 Sentences.

Paul says if he had to pick only one: "Understand your users."

Both Seth and Paul are striking on the same stake: if you don't identify/understand/know your market, you are done before you start.

But Brad - if people only understood my great solution, they would love it! Maybe. How do you know what people you are trying to get to understand your solution?

If you can come in to the CBD with answers to 1,2,3 - now we can take advantage of the services and offerings available to entrepreneurs. Too often people come in with everything else - then try to find a customer base.

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