Monday, December 7, 2009

Talking Around Email

In their latest posting on the 37 Signals blog, Matt remarks,
"But we kept thinking that just one more email would clear up the confusion. It was a reminder of how easy it is to waste time talking around a problem when just getting real with it can get you to consensus in a fraction of the time."

How many times do we use sending an email as a means of contacting someone? Wait until 5:05pm and watch all the email come in...with messages like "Tried to call and could not reach you - will call tomorrow" or "where are we on the McGillicuty project?"

Remember: an email is not "talking to someone". Pick up the phone or better yet, go solve the problem rather than sending another email. Another email won't clear up the confusion.

PS: sorry about the lack of posts the last week or two - I got a wicked cold last week and basically missed the entire week. Back to work today! Thank goodness for antibiotics that still work.

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