Thursday, December 17, 2009

You'll know when to Start your business

In a great article on 7 Things I learned from a Tech Incubator, the author and founder of a startup remarks, "Lesson 7: You’ll know when to start your startup when not starting it is no longer an option."

This sounds a bit strange, but he notes this was one of the best pieces of advice he received.

If you can do the things you want within the context of an existing business - why go through the heartache of running your own? But when you find that not doing it is no option, that is when you start.

By example, someone who is a musician is driven to play music. Not playing is not an option. That is a big difference than me plunking around occasionally in the front room on a guitar and a musician (talent notwithstanding!).

Now there are different motivations for why you feel you must start your business.
  • Vivik Wadhu from Duke University says, "...the greatest motivation is that you are tired of working for other people."
  • Maybe there is some technical problem you are consumed with, and there is no way you won't give up on it.
Whatever your motivation, if it is just "well, I will see what happens," you are liable not to be willing to put in the extra effort needed to make it happen.

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